Scope of work

Design and implementation of the admissions process and the financial aid process. Preparation of all policies pertaining to the university’s operations and fundraising.

A university near Chennai

Concept development, go to market strategy and plan. Hand holding the team in going to market including design and implementation of the admissions process, financial aid process. The outreach efforts across digital and non-digital channels.

An upcoming university in Bangalore

Concept development, overall project and financial plan, staffing of the team, go to market strategy and plan, hand-holding the team in going to the market. Building the founding class, setting up operations and ready for commencement.

An upcoming school of public policy in the Delhi region

Concept development, go-to-market strategy and planning, staffing, outreach, and admissions processes.

A new school of business design in Gurgaon

Building the governance structure, key processes and streamlining of operations.

A private school in Sikkim

Building the founding class, go-to-market strategy, and plan. Hand-holding the execution and assisting in fundraising.

A healthcare training institute in Gurgaon

Securing critical regulatory clearances from the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Assisting in securing additional recognition for enhancing marketing efforts.

A music school in Mumbai

Initial concept development, seeking regulatory clearances and getting ready for designing the admissions outreach processes. Staffing and taking the university to market.

Upcoming university in Panchkula

Outreach and admissions strategy and hand holding the execution. Refinement of concepts, design and implementation of admissions and financial aid processes.

A unique technology leaders fellowship program